Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Review on XOLO Omega 5.0

When you are managing a lot of work zones all together, absence from one of them is very likely to happen. The same is the reason for my absence from this blog for this long. Anyway! I am here again to share about a fresh new gadget from my belongings – my new XOLO Omega 5.0 smart phone.

It was not far ago when I had my Sony Xperia L in my hands. But, it had to be sold because of its lacking internal memory storage. Due to low internal memory, Sony Xperia L was giving me a tough time updating apps or getting more applications for myself. So, I had not many options but to sell it off and get a new one.

Due to budget constraints, I landed up opting for XOLO Omega 5.0 smart phone that seemed to be the best piece I can have in my budget. Ordering it online helped me save another 1500 INR so that the new XOLO Omega 5.0 smart phone costs me 7200 INR in total.

You must be wondering why I opted for this specific model from XOLO when there are endless models of smart phones getting sold in the market. The answer is here:

I chose the XOLO Omega 5.0 since XOLO is an Indian brand. What could be better than promoting the brands and businesses of your own nation rather than transferring money to foreign brands? And then, XOLO Omega 5.0 features its own UI HIVE. This model is out of the Android stock with its very own, specific UI HIVE. You will notice that most of its applications have a distinct view when compared to that of other smart phones. This includes having a distinct music player, menu options, themes, notification bar, etc. One application that appears similar to that of the other smart phones is its Photo Gallery.

Home Menu -  Xolo Omega 5.0
Home Menu 
Camera View Finder - Xolo Omega 5.0
Camera View Finder

Music Player - Xolo Omega 5.0
Music Player

Notification Bar - XOLO Omega 5.0
Notification Bar

Like every model of smart phone or, like every other stuff that you use, the XOLO Omega 5.0 smart phone also has its own pros and cons. Let me first highlight the positives of getting a XOLO Omega 5.0.

Advantageous Features of XOLO Omega 5.0 –

  1. This phone can be used to play any sort of games without any lags. You don’t have to be patient and keep waiting for the game to load or run smoothly. Gaming is a soothing experience with XOLO Omega 5.0. A plus point for all gamers!
  2. The secondary camera of the phone is a decent one and can help you get beautiful pictures from your favourite moments. This ensures memories are always safely captured.
  3. You get to install as many applications as you want without worrying about the storage issues or the compatibility issues. Enjoy all of your favourite applications with this model from XOLO.
  4. The display of the phone is not an extraordinary one but it is a decent one that you’ll get in this price range.

Let’s hear the cons now. The bad features of XOLO Omega 5.0 –

  1. When new, you will get to experience a long lasting battery life and could run applications for hours without having to hunt for a charging point. But, as time passes, say after 5-6months, XOLO Omega 5.0 troubles with its declining battery performance.
  2. You get a 2 MP primary camera that is not a good choice. However, the secondary camera comes to your relief.
  3. Another big disadvantage is the low sound quality. Listening to music with headphone or earphones in is not much satisfying in terms of the sound quality. I have even tried to test Sony earphone device but, to my disappointment, it does no good too.

This is a pretty honest review that I have shared after testing the device for myself. Obviously, when you go through the specifications of the phone on the official XOLO website, no one is going to tell you such things sharp and crisp. But I had nothing to hide. Hope my review helps you judge the phone well and helps you in making a choice.

Also I would like to bring to your notice that initially XOLO had claimed to get 5.0 Lollipop for all HIVE phones soon but, I haven’t seen any updates on my device so far. They have also stopped responding to queries on Facebook now. The phone is running on Kitkat. I could just wish of getting Lollipop to use with the HIVE’s new interface ATLAS.

In case you need any more details about the XOLO Omega 5.0, feel free to comment below with your queries. I’ll be happy to answer.

Thanks for stopping by and spend your time reading me! Have a great day!

Check out the more pic -

Now Playing - XOLO Omega 5.0
Now Playing

Power Setting - XOLO Omega 5.0
Power Setting

Setting Menu - XOLO Omega 5.0
Setting Menu

Side View - XOLO Omega 5.0
Side View

Storage Option - XOLO Omega 5.0
Storage Option

Xolo Omega 5.0 About Phone
Xolo Omega 5.0 About Phone

Sunday, 3 August 2014

HTC Desire 616 Best Phone Cheap Android Phone of So Far

Wow!  What an amazing phone that HTC has launched.  Yes, I am talking about HTC Desire 616. Why it impress me too much as compare to the other phone that I have used before.

Weekends on Saturday 26-July-2014 I bought HTC Desire 616 for my younger brother for 16,500 INR.
Let’s review over the feature which makes amaze to see is that outside of the box.

Display: In this price range rather than with the high end brand like Sony, LG, Samsung and Motorola etc. but, none of them have a resolution of 720X1280 pixels. Display quality of this newly bought gadget is fairly awesome.

Camera: It has a wonderful camera even it left back to my old Xperia Ray. Camera has normal feature like HTC Desire 500. But, it has some advance feature included in it such as multiple shot and I like new featured beauty shot. It’s outstanding performance in Daylight but capture bit crappy image at low light. It means that it’s good for to capture images at night time. 

Video Playback: HTC Desire 616 introduced the new feature known as the video enhancer which improves a video quality in term of smoothness. You will feel as if things are happening in real. It’s phenomenal.  

Processor: Octa-Core processor in this price range. 

Everyone has a question, will the phone upgrade to Android Kitkat version 4.4? According to the online sources I found that it will be upgraded to Kitkat 4.4.

The phones looks ordinary in design but it’s very handy and easy to operate even with one hand.

I have two phones that enter into my mind before I went to buy it. The first one is HTC Desire 700 and seconds this one. I refuse to buy because on the screen its looks too ugly in shape and size but I was utterly wrong. I feel great when I hold this phone in real. I don’t know delay in buying this phones selling like a hot cake.

If anyone looking for branded phone to use goes for this one HTC Desire 616, I recommend to concerned buyer.  If don’t want to use any national label brand available in the market which might have a lot a feature than this.

Let's Check out the images








Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Sony unveils Xperia T3 - 'the world's slimmest 5.3" smartphone'

That teaser we were seeing from Sony the other day? It turns out that Sony has had an awesome surprise in store for us, as it just introduced the Xperia T3, dubbed "the world's slimmest 5.3" phone." We can't argue with that, as there aren't many 5.3" handsets lying around to measure against.

sony xperia t3 home screen

We kid, but the svelte T3 is indeed very thin at just 7mm, and if you are worried about the IPS-LCD Triluminos screen resolution, you can relax now - it's decent at 720x1280 pixels, with 277ppi pixel density. The processing power is a bit on the slow side for today's standards, as the Xperia T3 gets powered by a 1.4 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, but hey, this is the new midrange now, and it looks pretty svelte with the 150.7 x 77 x 7 mm chassis, built around a stainless steel frame, with an aluminum power/lock key on the side.

sony xperia t3 back pannel
sony xperia t3 back pannel

sony xperia t3 in white color
sony xperia t3 in white color

The memory situation includes 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal storage, and a microSD slot that takes up to 32 GB cards, if you want more. There is an 8 MP Exmor RS sensor on the back for snapping and 1080p video purposes, and a 1.1 MP front-facing camera that does 720p recordings. Power is provided by a 2500 mAh battery, that Sony cites as good for 12 hours and 46 minutes of talk times, and 8 hours and 14 minutes of video playback, which is quite the good result. Naturally, Android 4.4 KitKat with Sony's own Xperia UI are loaded on the handset, too. The Xperia T3 will be available in three colors - black, white and violet - and should be hitting the shelves by the end of July for a midrange price tag.

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Monday, 18 November 2013

HTC Desire 500 Review

HTC Desire 500 this mid range phone from for HTC in its desire segment is now available in the market. But its demand is too high than its production. It also the most awaited phones for the HTC fans. Like the others phone if we talk about it’s design and look its feels slim and comfort to work with one hand. Features are perfect I first time I think that HTC made this phone by keeping the user factor in mind because in previous bit low range phones the important stuff was missing it was its secondary camera which affects its sells upto certain extent.

Let’s look at its key features

This phones support dual SIM GSM + CDMA which is an awesome features, rear camera is 8MP with lot of customization features like HDR, best shot, slow recoding option with LED flash light, front camera is 1.6 MP which is good for video calling, processor is Quad core with 1.2 GHZ of power packed which makes the phones to perform super fast. Display is 4.3” with 480X800 pixels which is just ok. The good thing is that which I was missing in old Xperia L devices is transfering of apps to SD cards (there we can’t moves apps to SD cards, there 4 GB of space available in the phones which is not sufficient for Game lovers, pretty disappointing), but HTC desires 500 have option to move apps to SD cards.

Other amazing features is its self HTC 5 sense, which can be customize accordingly by you and will see updates on your home screen frequently.

Gaming experience is good on device as I play Iron man 3 performs perfectly, I don’t have any problem to play on it.

Overall the phone is great in the price range of 20500 INR. 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Review on Sony Xperia L

As, I feels that Sony has reduced his quality and features but I was wrong it’s now much better than before. March 2013 Sony has launched its new device i.e. Sony Xperia L, It’s a mid range phone costing around 17000 INR in India. The phone is pretty and slim in design. I bought this phone on 3rd or Aug 2013, just before three days of my birthday but I planned to bought on Aug 6th but I can’t get stopped myself from letting it buy.

Let’s let you aware about its key features:-

Camera: Rear 8 MP camera it takes an awesome shot in daylight, but in low light the image goes blur. Video Recording is also good. It records video on 720 pixels with 30 fps. Secondary Camera is just for video chat nothing else that you can do more with it because of its very low resolution.

Hardware and OS: It is equipped with 1.0 GHz with dual Core Processor integrated with 1 GB of RAM.

Memory and Battery: The phone inbuilt in 8 GB of internal memory, where the memory is being divided into two separate parts 4 GB for OS and Apps(All 2 GB is already utilized by its OS and rest is being for your Apps and other uses only 2 GB that you will get to download and install your apps) and 4 GB is as an external memory where you can hold all your personal data.

Battery when you run the phone in power saver mode its goes more than a Day but when you runs on default mode it hardly pass the day. Battery has 1750mAH of power.

Display: I never think that it would have such clear and bright display without being BRAVIA ENGINE technology. Display is 4.3 inch which is pretty well with the resolution of 480 x 854 pixels.

Some Good Points which I figured it out:

Camera is good with this price range.

Build Quality is also pretty decent, as its look inherited litle bit with Sony Ericson Xperia Arc.

Some Bad Points which figured it out:

Phone processing speed is not too smooth after having 1 GB of RAM with dual core processor. Get heated after playing some minutes of games.

I feel lacks in sound quality of headphone not as much good as the previous Sony Ericsson phones have, as I used Xperia Ray and Xperia Mini Before it.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Review on Nokia Lumia 520

The most amazing thing in Nokia Lumia 520 is its cheap price and higher performance. This is first phone Windows phone launched with Windows 8 OS under the range of 10000 INR.

Let’s check out the key features:-

As, we all know that like all other Lumia devices this phone is also equipped with 1 GHz dual core processor with 512 MB of RAM, which really powered the phone to give higher performance while browsing or playing high resolution games like Asphalt or Need For Speed(NFS). I didn’t found any difficulties in playing all these games and as well as in multitasking. But the disappointing thing, the phone becomes heat while playing few minutes of HD games.

Nokia Lumia 520 Home Screen

Nokia Lumia 520 MultiTasking

Nokia Lumia 520 Games Experience

Nokia Lumia 520 is inbuilt with the 8 GB of internal storage space with extended memory slot kit option.
The phones integrated with 5 MP of rear camera and no secondary camera. There is very less option available for photo shot. The camera performance at night is good but in day light it was little dull and tint around the captured images. It’s has 4.0 inch of IPS display which perform a very sharp and smooth pictures quality.

Nokia Lumia 520 Video Test

The sound quality of phones was below average and also it lacked in Apps.

Overall the phone is worth to buy. This is really splendor Windows 8 phones which make your every day special.

If anyone wants to ask question, just leave comment below.