Friday, 25 May 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note v/s HTC One X

A Battle to dominate in Market
Today I m here to compare about two great devices of the decade the first charming phone is HTC One X  and second one is Samsung Galaxy Note, both devices has strong hardware construction made for extremely high performance. Both phones almost have the same feature.

Some key feature which makes both phones really differs from others.

Samsung Galaxy Note v/s HTC One X a overview
  • Both phones are slim having 9.7mm and 8.9mm thick
  • Camera 8MP
  • Screen 5.3 inches where as HTC one X has slight less i.e. 4.7 inches.
  • Screen Pixel HTC One X (720X1200) has a bit less pixel than Samsung galaxy note (800X1200).
  • Both phone is running on the android platform, HTC comes with android 4.0 and whereas Samsung Galaxy Note comes with older and successful version of an android OS i.e. 2.3 Gingerbread.
  • HTC One X has no card slot its already coming 32 GB inbuilt memory whereas Samsung galaxy note comes with an internal storage of 16 GB expanded to 32 GB.
  • Both phones have 1 GB of RAM and having a 1.5 GHz processor Samsung offer dual core whereas HTC has Quad Core.
Last Saturday, I went to Chroma shop to get examine about these two rocking phones both were amazing in view. But as far as mine perceive about phone is that i delight to used Samsung galaxy note rather than HTC One V, but the thing is that HTC sense makes all the HTC phones really differ and quietly brilliant as the company  promised. I didn't used headphones so I can’t say about its sound quality. But the thing which attracts me it was clear crystal display of Samsung Galaxy Note has the best display of which I ever used gadgets.

Samsung Galaxy Note: 32,700INR (Mobile Store)
HTC One X: 36,094INR (Mobile Store)

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