Sunday, 24 June 2012

The new Samsung Galaxy SIII

What a great phone has been created by the brand Samsung, of course I am talking about the galaxy S III, I think it’s a great android phone of yet of any android series. Yesterday I just took a glimpse of these phone, the phone is so thin and light in weight and equipped with the features and performance.  The camera, performance and features which i felt all fabulous.

Key Features: The phones come with the 8MP camera (primary camera) and 1.9 MP secondary camera with 720p@30fps the camera features support the burst function that means you can take a many shots with just in a click and other key features is beam rays for sharing data just touch both opposite side of the phone together it will share all the data easily. Samsung revealed that its understand humans that s right if have if you a message of some and you don’t want to with text no worries just take your phone to your ears it will make a call to that person without being dialed.

Memory: It already comes with a 16GB inbuilt memory which can be expanded to 64GB, it has 2GB of ram with dual core 1.5 GHz processor and GPU Adreno 225 and the phone is already coming with latest version of android I, e 4.0 which you will further upgrade to its latest version which available.

Battery: Its is strong it has 2100mAH power.

That s why it’s made for human.

Price: 39,999 INR. (The mobile store).

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