Tuesday, 28 August 2012

My Top Best Android Apps for Sony Ericsson (SE)

Lately, I upgraded my SE Xperia mini to Android 4.0 ICS. After the update, I insert 16 GB of memory card for it. Some of the best apps which I recently installed my phone, to make more fun and a device better to use. The apps are followed:

First of all I installed AVG Antivirus to save phone data others kinds of threat. It really works well and even don’t make the phone performance to slow.

Secondly, I installed the battery power booster, the apps shows battery power as well as the battery temperature too, it’s also pinch you through verbal when your phone battery gets over heated.

Now, let’s talk takes a look of my games which i used to play on SE Xperia mini phone
  1. Brothers in Arms (BIA) 2 it took 1.04 GB on my memory cards.
  2. Let’s golf 3 installed at 804.27 MB.
  3. RF 2012 it’s a football game taken 735.44 MB.
  4. Ninja Jump and Racing Moto which I usually play.
Other Apps
  1. Apps 2 SD (this apps show which apps we can move to memory cards and also we can make some free spaces by clearing the cache memory).
  2. I also installed the Photo Editor apps.
  3. And for the browser i am using Maxthon Browser.
  4. Ol File Manager.
  5. MX Player for video playback.
All these apps make my device at best in this range. I really enjoy with all great apps.