Saturday, 27 April 2013

Nokia Lumia 620

Lately, I bought Nokia Lumia 620, first time I experience any Lumia devices and windows phones. The thing which attract me I.e. its flat theme look. I found that I made lucrative deal under budget.

Let’s take a look over its features:

The phones packed with strong dual core processor with the power of 1 GHZ, camera quality is decent with its 5MP of resolution but secondary camera were little disappointing, the picture quality were so poor when we make a call over on Skype.  Sound quality was not so clear in loudspeaker mode but good in headset.

Display and touch quality is dynamic, gaming and video runs smoothly on the device. Overall it’s a nice phone under budget, the phone cost me 14,500 thousand. Sometimes you may feel little bulky in hands because phones is 11mm thick.

The interesting stuff was camera, performance, texting and gaming which tends user to buy the phone, one more thing which making the Lumia devices attractive in look and feel I.e. its back color but Nokia Lumia 620 is sealed with only one back cover of what color you will buy the phone. If want some extra you will have to spent some money to buy.

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